Q. Our paralegals screen our medical-legal cases, so, why do I need a Legal Nurse Consultant?
A. We are already familiar with medical charts, can interpret lab tests and x-rays, and know proper nursing and medical interventions.
Paralegals are trained in the legal workings of cases. It is an inefficient use of their time to deal with the screening and interpretation of medical charts, finding standards of care, looking for charting errors, and suspicions of chart tampering, and we can readily spot omissions of vital information. We can manage the medical issues with expedience and free up the paralegal's time to deal with the legal aspects.

Q. How do we pay for the Legal Nurse Consultant?
A. When we work on a case, the firm or company generally bills the client for our time. Our time is considerably less costly than an attorney's time. We free up the attorney to deal with other issues. Thus, Legal Nurse Consultants are cost effective for both the attorney and the client.

Q. Can Legal Nurse Consultants locate expert witnesses?
A. Yes. We are well networked from our years of nursing and can locate expert witness physicians in all specialties, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs, x-ray techs, psychologists, etc. Legal Nurse Consultants can work with expert witnesses acting as liason between the expert witness and the attorney. We also help prep expert witnesses for trial.

Q. Can Legal Nurse Consultants be Expert Witnesses too?
A. Yes. We can be expert witnesses when appropriate. The Legal Nurse Consultant can be an expert witness if he or she is still actively working in the field of nursing involved in a case. However, we never work as expert witness and consultant on the same case.