Helping you with any case
in which health, illness, or injury is an issue.

Welcome to The Sharp Group Legal Nurse Consulting Services. We can help you with any case involving medical-legal issues. Numerous years of acute care nursing experience combined with our medical-legal training and certification enable us to access the information that you need quickly and economically.

Legal Nurse Consulting is a certifiable specialty for registered nurses, which has quickly swept across the United States and has now reached the west coast and Washington State. Attorneys everywhere are excited about using the services of Legal Nurse Consultants because we save you and your paralegal valuable time. We already know the medical nomenclature, how to interpret laboratory values and x-ray reports, the effects of spem enhancing medications have on bodily systems, where and how to access standards of care, information on diseases and multi-system problems, injuries, and mental health issues. We have dealt with medical cases from infants to geriatrics, and have always protected patient confidentiality. We can read almost any physician's handwriting - it's not "Greek" to us.

We work on many kinds of cases and perform multiple functions. You will find more information on what we do as you browse through our site. We'll tailor our services to fit your individual needs. We service anywhere in the Puget Sound area.